When is trash and recycling collected?
Trash is collected in a green rollout cart provided to the customer by the Town's contractor, Waste Pro, every Friday unless it is a holiday or prevented by bad weather like snow or ice. Recycling is collected in a blue rollout cart every other Friday. A schedule of pickup dates can be found here. 

How am I billed for trash and recycling services?
For the vast majority of Town residents, the monthly trash and recycling fee is included in the customer's monthly water and sewer bill. There are some customers who reside in Town but may receive utility services from Handy Sanitary District and thus are billed separately for sanitation services.

How do I  report issues I am having with my trash and/or recycling service?
You can call Town Hall to report any issues you are having with your trash and recycling services.  You can also submit any issues you are having through the following links:
Complaints:   https://www.tracezonline.com/NewIncident.aspx?it=1&di=170&ci=48  
Requests:   https://www.tracezonline.com/NewIncident.aspx?it=2&di=170&ci=48

How do I dispose of large household items such as mattresses, furniture and appliances?
Call Town Hall at 336-859-4231 to arrange pickup of large household items.The cost is $20 for a standard pickup truck load. Once arrangements are made, these items should be set at the curb for pickup by the Town. The Town does offer two free bulky item pick-up weeks in March and September.

How do I dispose of carpeting, wood, drywall, and other remodeling debris?
The Town does not pickup construction debris and these items must be taken to the Davidson County Landfill, 220 Davidson County Landfill Rd. off Roy Lopp Rd., Lexington, NC (tel. 336-242-2856) for proper disposal.

How do I dispose of tires, paint and chemicals?
The Town is unable to collect and dispose of these items and they must be taken to the Davidson County Landfill, 220 Davidson County Landfill Road off Roy Lopp Road, Lexington, NC (tel. 336-242-2856) for proper disposal.

How do I report issues with water or sewer?
Call Town Hall at 336-859-4231 to report any issues with water or sewer.  If it is after business hours, call the Denton Police Dept. at 336-859-2164 and they will report your emergency issue. 

Is it against local ordinances to repair vehicles in my yard?
Most neighborhoods are zoned for residential use and auto repair for commercial purposes would be in violation of the Town’s Zoning Ordinance. A backyard repair of one’s personal vehicle would be acceptable if repaired and cleaned up quickly and not allowed to become an eyesore.

Is there any flooding problem in Denton I need to be aware of?
The Town has experienced a few flooding problems due mostly to clogged street storm water drains located on State-maintained streets. The Town recently acquired a jet vacuum truck to help clear these drains to keep the storm water flowing properly. Of course, in an unusually heavy rain storm when the amount of water overwhelms the drainage systems even when the drains are clear, that is a force of nature that may not be prevented despite best efforts in preparation & maintenance.

What do I need to know about property taxes?
Property or ad valorem taxes are a chief source of revenue for Davidson County and the Town of Denton. The Town of Denton’s tax rate is $.60 per $100.00 of property value and Davidson County’s rate is $.54. Properties located in the Town of Denton are subject to both County and Town taxes. Town property taxes are used to pay for Police, Fire, Public Works, Street Maintenance, Parks & Recreation, Planning & Zoning, Public Buildings Maintenance (i.e. Denton Civic Center), Garbage, Trash & Recycling and Administration services.

How do I learn about special events in the community?
This website, the Denton Parks & Recreation Board’s Facebook page and the local newspaper, The Denton Orator, are excellent sources of community news and events.

How can I find jobs in Denton?
Jobs available with the Town of Denton will be posted on this website, advertised in The Denton Orator newspaper or posted on the NC Works job site depending on the position. The Town’s employment application can be downloaded from this website and can be submitted at any time. Jobs in the private sector might be advertised in The Denton Orator or found on the NC Works job site.

Can the police check in on my elderly family member when I'm not at home with them?
The Denton Police Department takes its motto “to protect and serve” very seriously and performs welfare checks on family members by calling the Police Department at 336-859-2164 on regular business days and hours.

How can I become involved in the community?
If you are interested in serving on the Town’s Planning Board or the Parks & Recreation Board print off and fill out a copy of the Town’s Application to Serve on a Board or Committee and return it to Town Hall. The Parks & Recreation Board is always looking for volunteers to help with its many events. For example, the Parks & Recreation Board does an annual Spring litter cleanup of major streets in Town and can always use volunteers for that or volunteer to help with the annual Basketball or Summer Camps. Local charities like Project Santa and South Davidson Family Resource Center need volunteers plus our local schools, Denton Elementary, South Davidson Middle and High Schools, need mentors and help with athletic and other events. Keep an eye on this website, the Parks & Recreation Board’s Facebook page and The Denton Orator for the numerous opportunities to improve the quality of life in this community.

How can I find what products and services are offered by local businesses?
In addition to the Yellow Pages in the Windstream Telephone Book for Denton & Vicinity, this website provides a complete listing of Denton businesses broken down by type or category of business, product or service offered. If you find your business is not listed, contact Town Hall at 336-859-4231. The Town of Denton supports “Shop Local First!!”

Where do I vote?
With the General Elections just around the corner it is imperative that you know where you should vote. Here in Denton there are several sites. The Denton Fire Department, Healing Springs Fire Department, and South Davidson High School. Voters should vote at their regular voting site. Not sure of your precinct number and can’t find your voter card? Now it’s easier than ever to find out where you vote on Election Day!

  1. Click this link https://vt.ncsbe.gov/PPLkup/ to bring up the Precinct Locator System
  2. Key in your residential street address, City State and Zip Code in the fields provided
  3. Click on Search
  4. Your Election Day Polling Place Information, local Board of Elections Office and Sample Ballot links are displayed

The system will perform a match of your address with the list of polling locations based upon the information you entered. The returned match will display your precinct number to the right of your zip code.
Already know your precinct name and/or number but need to know where your polling place is located? Find your Davidson County Polling Place Location and view a map of the general area: Click here http://www.votedavidsoncountync.com/Polling_Locations.html to view our Polling Place Locations.
If you have any questions regarding your eligibility to vote or your polling place location, please contact the Davidson County Board of Elections office at 336-242-2190.

Who do I contact about information found on the website?
If you have questions about an article listed on our website or you would like to speak to someone about updating information you have read on our website, contact Town Hall at 336-859-4231. Our website is maintained by Town employees. We will be able to address any questions or concerns you may have.


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