Picture Perfect Denton

Do you like taking the “perfect” photo? We are looking for great photos of Denton to feature on the town website and to use for social media posts.
The photos should represent what you love about the community, natural beauty, activities, history and sites of Denton. 
One winner will be selected every month and their photo will be added to the the Town website and displayed at Town Hall.
The winner will also receive a $25 gift card.
All photos submitted for the contest become property of the Town of Denton.
Please submit photos in a jpg format to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and type “Denton Photo Contest” in the email subject line.


 July 2019
Betty Hill

I love this picture of the train. It has always 
been my favorite since my husband and 
I moved here over 10 yrs ago.



August 2019
Rachel Snider

Ms. Snider captured the essence and spirit of the
Watermelon Festival when she saw
these young ladies watching the older girls
perform during the pageant.

Waiting September PPD Winner 002

September 2019
Jamie Tucker

This picture was captured at the 
Southeast Old Thresher's Reunion 
"Waiting to Pull"

September 2019 Winner 

October 2019
Chad Norman

"This is My Town"

Chad Norman This is my town 002

November 2019
Laura Loflin

"In a Field of Cotton"

Laura Loflin Nov 2019

December 2019
Anonymous Submission

"Scaring Crows at Harrison Park"

Dec PPD Winner

 Dianna Wald
January 2020

"Winter's Beauty"

January 2020 Winner Dianna Wald

Mark Hicks
February 2020

"A Bird's Eye View of the Snow"

Feb 2020 Denton Snow

Ethan Byerly
March 2020

"Denton's Backyard"

March Winner

Barbara Hogan
April 2020

"Clouds Over the Meadow"  

April 2020 Barbara Hogan 002






Amy Coe
May 2020

"Days End in Denton"

May Winner

Jamie  Tucker
June 2020

Tractor Days

Jamie Tucker July 2020


Ronnie Timmons
July 2020

This photo was taken Oct 4th, 2019.
It was the day
The Pentecostals Of Denton church was built.

July Winner Ronnie Timmons 002

Sandra Lou
August 2020

Crop Dusting


Sandra Lou Crop Dusting 002 


Angel Jenkins
September 2020
Never Forget

September 2020 Never Forget Angel Jenkins

Olive Branch Ranch
October 2020

OLive Branch Ranch Scarecrow Winner 002 


November 2020 

Regina Randlett
Helping Hands 
Nov 2020 Helping Hands 002


December 2020 

Kelly Bledsoe
Christmas at Harrison Park
December 2020 Kelly Bledsoe


January 2021
Dick Johnson
Dick Johnson 2


February 2021 
Melanie Staley
Melanie Staley


March 2021 
Heather Bassett

March Winner


April 2021 
Candice B. Smith



May 2021 
David Owen

David Owen

June 2021 
Rhonda Smith 

Rhonda Smith


July 2021
Holly Norris

Home Town Pride

20210609 203412 1


August 2021
Ken Talent 

Sunrise Over Denton Elementary

Ken Talent Sunrise over Denton Elementary


September 2021
Rachelle Lilly
Rachelle Lilly

October 2021

November 2021
Chris Yarbrough

Chris Yarbrough Autumn Moonrise in Denton Nov 2021 a

December 2021
Dick Johnson

Dick Johnson 12.2021

January 2022


February 2022
No Submissions
March 2022
No Submissions
April 2022
Buttercups in Bloom

May 2022 
Lori Lanier
Lori Lanier 2Lori Lanier


June 2022
Steven Cody

Sunset in Denton Steven Cody 2.0.jpg

July 2022


August 2022