Parks and Recreation Short-Term Goals


Presented to P&R Board - First DRAFT February 7, 2019

Adopted by P&R Board - March 14, 2019

Explore, Enhance, Promote, Connect, Encourage

Goal #1: Explore grant opportunities, partnerships with businesses, and fundraising efforts for improved facilities and programming

Plan of Action:

  • Grant Application for NCDOT Bicycle Helmet for Peddle in the Park Day
  • Work with TOD to initiate a plan of action for public restooms at Harrison Park
  • Oversee collaboration with local businesses and organizations for sponsorship of events including movie nights, music events, Dog Days in the Park, etc.


Goal #2: Enhance awareness through speakers, field trips, surveys while communicating and promoting via social media, website, fliers, news media

Plan of Action:

  • One member serve as a liaison with Town Clerk
  • One Member work directly with Website Design Consultant Rick Martin
  • Schedule guest speakers to promote active partnerships with various community agencies and provide relevant education to board members
  • Promote 2019 events on Facebook and Town Website
  • Enhance advertising of each event through fliers to be distributed and posted around town and in other area publications


Goal #3: Promote recreation and enhance use at Harrison Park, Denton Community Park and explore future possibilities for use of Johnson property.

Plan of Action:

  • Partner with Friends of Denton and Town of Denton to maintain Harrison Park facilities and promote park beautification
  • Partner with Davidson County and other agencies for improved recreation enhhancements for all ages
  • Explore ideas of a future "Denton Dog Park" at Johnson Property


Goal #4: Connect with Davidson County Commissioners, Davidson County Parks and Recreation Department and other Davidson County agencies for improvements in southern Davidson County areas

Plan of Action:

  • Connect with other businesses to encourage partcipation in Denton Street Treat, Denton Christmas Parade, vendor set up at events
  • Connect with businesses to take ownership of Welcome to Denton signage (i.e. adopt a sign, beautify, etc.) to enhance entranceways along thoroughfares from Hight Rock Lake, NC Highway 109 and Denton Road (all within County limits)
  • Serve as a liaison between Davidson County agencies and Denton Parks & Recreation
  • Facilitate countywide Clean-Up through Sherriff's Department inmate program or community service hours


Goal #5: Encourage youth involvement in programs and events providing experience in community leadership and government services

Plan of Action:

  • Serve as a liaison between Davidson County Schools and Denton Parks & Recreation
  • Provide opportunities to students working on volunteer service hours to participate in Parks & Recreation events

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