Chapter XV: Trailer and Trailer Park


SECTION 1. DEFINITIONS. For the purposes of this ordinance, a “trailer” and a “trailer park” are defined as follows:

a. Trailer. A house car, camp car, house trailer, trailer home, mobile home or other similar vehicle mounted on wheels, skids or rollers either self-propelled or propelled by other means, including any such dismounted vehicle which has been placed on a masonry or other stationary foundation and which is used or designed to be used for permanent or semi-permanent living or sleeping quarters. This definition shall not include vehicles primarily designed for the transportation of goods.

b. Trailer Park. Any lot, tract or parcel of land used, maintained or intended to be used, maintained, leased or rented for occupancy by one or more trailers together with accessory structures provided in connection therewith. This definition shall not include trailer sales lots on which unoccupied trailers are parked for the purpose of inspection and sale.

SECTION 2. LOCATION OF TRAILERS REGULATED. From and after the effective date of this ordinance, it shall be unlawful for any person to place or maintain any trailer used for human habitation or to use any trailer for living, sleeping or business purposes on any premises within the corporate limits except upon premises located within a trailer park, a permit for which has been granted pursuant to the requirements of this ordinance. Provided, however one (1) trailer may be parked or temporarily stored on any premises outside of a trailer park for a period not exceeding seventy-two (72) hours, provided, further no living quarters are maintained nor any business conducted therein while such trailer is so parked or temporarily stored.

SECTION 3. PERMIT FOR TRAILER PARKS REQUIRED. It shall be unlawful for any person to construct, maintain or use any lot or other parcel of land within the corporate limits for a trailer park until application has been made and a permit therefor has been issued by the Board of Commissioners. The Board of Commissioners shall, prior to issuing a permit determine if all requirements of this ordinance have been complied with. A trailer park permit may be revoked by the Board of Commissioners upon a finding of fact that a violation of the requirements of this ordinance exists. Provided, the owner, lessee, or other responsible person is notified in writing of such violation and after the expiration of five (5) days from the date of the receipt of such written notice. It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation to continue to operate such trailer court after one permit therefore, as required herein, has been revoked by the Board of Commissioners.

SECTION 4. LOCATION OF TRAILER PARKS REGULATED. In the event a zoning ordinance is in effect, a trailer park shall be located only within those zoning districts where a trailer park is a permitted use. In the event a zoning ordinance is not in effect, the requirements of this ordinance shall govern the location of trailer parks.

SECTION 5. CONFLICT WITH HEALTH DEPARTMENT REGULATIONS. In the event the State or County Board of Health has adopted regulations governing trailers or trailers parks, the requirements of this ordinance or the requirements of the State or County Board of Health, whichever is more stringent, shall govern.


a. Water Supply.
An adequate and safe supply of water shall be readily available at the trailer park site. This requirement shall be deemed to have been met: (1) when an approved connection is made to the municipal water system, or (2) when an independent water supply capable of furnishing one hundred and fifty (150) gallons of water per day per available trailer space and which has been approved by the County Health Department as a safe supply of drinking water is available on the trailer park site.

b. Sanitary Sewer.
Each trailer park shall be required to have a connection with the municipal sanitary sewer system in the manner as required elsewhere in this ordinance. Any extension of the municipal sanitary sewer system required to comply with this requirement shall be made in accordance with the utility extension ordinances or policies of the Town of Denton then in effect.

SECTION 7. SITE REQUIREMENTS. Trailer parks shall comply with the area, location and other dimensional requirements of this section. Prior to granting a permit for a trailer park, the Board of Commissioners may require the owner or developer to submit a complete plan of the proposed park, showing the location of the boundaries of the trailer park property, proposed vehicle exists, entrances and off-street parking spaces, trailer space layout and such other information as the Board of Commissioners may deem necessary in order to determine if all requirements of this and other applicable ordinances are to be met. Site requirements for all trailer parks shall be as follows:

a. The minimum size lot, tract or parcel of land to be used for a trailer park shall not be less than twenty thousand (20,000) square feet, and such site shall have an average width of not less than one hundred feet (100).

b. The minimum size trailer site area or separate lot to to be occupied by one (1) trailer shall be twenty-five (25) feet by fifty (50) feet and such site shall be identified by markers placed at each corner.

c. No trailer shall be placed within five (5) feet of its individual trailer site or lot line as established in “b” above or within ten (10) feet of any other side to side and not less than fourteen (14) feet of any trailer end to end.

d. No trailer shall be located within thirty-five (35) feet of any street or exterior line of the trailer park.

e. One off-street automobile parking space shall be provided on the site in an approved manner for each separate trailer unit. Such off-street parking space shall be set aside in a location convenient to the occupants of the trailer units and shall have ingress and egress by means of a public way. Where parking areas are provided adjacent to a public street, ingress and egress thereto shall be made accessible only through driveways or openings not exceeding twenty-five (25) feet in width at the curb line of the street.

SECTION 8. FACILITIES REQUIRED. Each trailer park shall provide minimum facilities for trailer occupants as follows:

a. Enclosed bathroom facilities shall be constructed which have an approved connection to the required on-site water and sanitary sewer facilities, and such facilities shall be designed in order that two (2) wash basins, two (2) toilets and one (1) shower are available for each four (4) trailers the park is designed to accommodate, and separate facilities be provided for both men and women. The bathroom structure and all plumbing installations shall conform to the applicable state or Town of Denton building and plumbing codes.

     In lieu of installing toilet facilities as required above, a separate sewer connection for each trailer space within the trailer park may be constructed, provided, each trailer shall be required to make a separate connection with such sanitary sewer facilities immediately upon occupying a trailer site. A minimum four (4) inch connection shall be required and shall have approved fittings to insure a watertight connection and means for capping or closing such connection when it is not in use.

     In lieu of the wash basin and shower facilities required above, approved water connections may be made to each trailer, provided, each trailer is connected to the sanitary sewer system in the manner provided herein.

b. Garbage and Trash Containers. One (1) garbage and trash container (30 gallons max capacity) shall be provided for each trailer. Containers shall be placed on racks which are approved by the County Health Department and such racks shall be located within the trailer park at a point which is readily accessible for collection.

     In lieu of requiring individual garbage and trash containers for each trailer, other approved garbage and trash disposal facilities may be provided with the approval of the Board of Commissioners.

c. Driveways. Access driveways shall be constructed within trailer parks when trailers are to be located more than one hundred (100) feet from a public street or off-street parking space. Other approved access driveways may be constructed at the option of the owner. All driveways shall be graded to a width of fifteen (15) feet for one-way drives and to a width of twenty-five (25) feet for two-day drives. All driveways shall be kept opened and shall be constructed and maintained in such manner as to be passable to vehicular traffic under all weather conditions.

SECTION 9. GENERAL SANITATION. It shall be the duty and responsibility of the owner or or his authorized agent to keep the trailer park in a reasonably clean and sanitary condition at all times, and to maintain and keep in good repair all required trailer park facilities. All wastewater from washing machines and other similar sources shall be discharged into the sanitary sewer system and under no circumstances shall such wastes be discharged on the ground or in streams.

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