Chapter V: Water and Sewer



SECTION 1. BOARD TO REGULATE. The sewer and water system of the Town shall be under the control of, and the duty of prescribing and enforcing a full compliance with all the rules and regulations governing all connections with the public sewer and water system shall be vested in the Board or its authorized agent.

SECTION 2. PERMIT FOR CONNECTION REQUIRED. No person, firm or corporation shall connect with the water system of the Town of Denton until they shall have made application for permission to so connect in writing to the Town Clerk and this application shall be made before any part of the drainage system of the house or other connection shall have been laid or constructed and said application shall be accompanied with a plan or drawing showing the location of the building and the entire proposed connection from the public sewerage line through the building to its terminus, showing the location of all fixtures, traps, ventilating pipes, etc., and shall state the name of the street and the name of the person, firm, or corporation.

SECTION 3. SEPARATE CONNECTIONS REQUIRED. Each individual business or residential building or structure shall install a separate water and sewer connection.

SECTION 4. SEWER REQUIRED. All owners of improved property which is or may be located upon or within a reasonable distance of the sewerage system of the Town of Denton, where the sewerage system is in operation, shall connect with such sewerage system all water closets, bathtubs, lavatories, sinks, drains, shower baths and other connections upon their respective properties or premises so that the contents may be made to empty into such sewer or sewer system.

(a) OUTDOOR PRIVIES (PROHIBITED). No outdoor privies may be hereafter constructed in the Town of Denton.

(b) RESIDENCE LOCATED WITHIN 300 YARDS. No person shall maintain or use a residence location within 300 yards of another residence, that is not provided with sewerage, where such sewerage is available, or with septic tanks approved by the State Board of Health.

(c) OUTDOOR PRIVY CONDEMNED AND REBUILT. No person shall after having an outdoor privy condemned rebuild said outdoor privy but must connect to town sewerage system where such connection is available. If such a connection is not available, such person must build a septic tank.


(a) CONSUMER NOT ALLOWED TO SUPPLY OR SELL WATER. No consumer will be allowed to supply or sell water, to other persons, families, or corporations, nor shall any person take or carry away water from any hydrant, watering trough, or public fountain.

(b) UNAUTHORIZED USE OF FIRE HYDRANTS. The fire hydrants are for the use of the Fire Department for fighting fires, and are not to be used by any unauthorized person for any purpose, without permission from the Board.

SECTION 6. WATER AND SEWER RATES. Water rates and water and sewer connection charges shall be determined from time to time by the Board which shall be kept on file in the office of the Town Clerk.

SECTION 7. TAMPERING WITH OR OBSTRUCTING WATER AND SEWER LINES PROHIBITED. No person shall tamper, or in any manner manipulate or turn the cut-offs on the water mains forming a part of the water system of the Town of Denton, nor shall any person tamper with or harm in any manner whatsoever any water or sewer line, main or any appurtenance thereto. No person shall throw or deposit any material or substance in any water or sewer line that will in any manner obstruct such line.

SECTION 8. PRIVATE WATER SUPPLY REGULATED. It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation to furnish, supply, or provide any water from a private well or pumps in or to any dwelling house, boarding house, inn, hotel, cafe or other commercial establishment, or any room or rooms of the same.

SECTION 9. WATER AND SEWER SUPERINTENDENT. The Board of Commissioners may select some competent person to supervise under their general control the entire water and sewer system of the Town. The Board may from time to time prescribe the duties and responsibilities of the superintendent. The superintendent, or his assistant, shall, at all reasonable hours, have free access to all premises for the purpose of examining hydrants, fixtures or connections on which town water pressure is maintained.

SECTION 10. MAINTENANCE OF WATER AND SEWER SYSTEM. All work on the water and sewer system and all connections or disconnections thereto shall be performed by the authorized employees of the Town or their representatives, or plumbers approved by the Town. All work shall be performed in accordance with regulations which the Board of Commissioners may from time to time prescribe.

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