Chapter IV: Streets and Sidewalks



SECTION 1. PERMIT TO DIG IN THE STREETS. It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation to dig any hole, ditch, or excavation of any kind whatsoever, on any street in the Town of Denton without first securing a permit therefor in writing from the Town Clerk.

SECTION 2. SIDEWALK CONSTRUCTION. No sidewalk of any description shall be built by any individual, firm, or corporation, of any brick, wood, or other material without a written permit from the Town of Denton.

SECTION 3. STREET REPAIR. It shall be the duty of every person, firm, or corporation, who shall open or dig a ditch, trench or hole in any street, public alley or sidewalk of the Town, to put the said street, public alley or sidewalk in as good condition in all respects as it was before, and every person, firm, or corporation violating or failing to observe to provisions of this section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

SECTION 4: EXCAVATION - - LEAVING UNPROTECTED. It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation making any excavation for any purpose whatsoever in any of the streets or sidewalks to fail to securely cover such excavations with a plank or place ropes around the same three feet from the ground or shall fail to place a sufficient number of red lights around such excavation before dark and to keep such lights around such excavation burning all night every night such excavation shall be open.

SECTION 5. STREETS NOT TO BE DAMAGED. It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation to drag, or run, or cause to be dragged or run any harrow or other implement, engine, machine, or tool upon any asphalt, bithulitic, warrenite, or other permanently paved street of the Town which shall be liable, in any way, to injure or cut the surface thereof. It shall also be unlawful to injure any dirt street in the same manner.

SECTION 6. HOUSE MOVING. No person shall move any house or building upon or across the public streets or sidewalks without the written consent of the Board of Commissioners and the deposit of a good and sufficient bond in the sum of five hundred dollars ($500.00) to cover the damage done to such street or sidewalk or to any property of any person.

SECTION 7. DAMAGE TO BRIDGES AND CULVERTS. No person shall injure or misplace any part of any bridge, culvert, ditch and drain or other property belonging to or used by the Town, or shall place any obstruction in any culvert, ditch, or drain, to prevent the free flow of water on or over the streets of the Town.

SECTION 8. DAMAGE TO LIGHTS, SIGNS. No person shall injure, tamper with, remove or paint upon or deface any sign, signpost, street light, traffic signal, or bulletin board or other municipal property upon the streets and sidewalks except employees of the Town in performance of their duties.

SECTION 9. ASSEMBLY ON SIDEWALK. All persons are forbidden from assembling or collection and standing so as to obstruct any sidewalk or street and all persons so collecting and standing shall disperse and move upon the demand of any police officer.

SECTION 10. DISPLAY OF GOODS PROHIBITED. No person shall place for display or sale any goods, wares, or merchandise of any kind upon any of the sidewalks of said Town, which shall extend out on the sidewalks.

SECTION 11. PLACING OBJECTS ON STREET AND SIDEWALKS. No brick, stone, or wood or other substances obstructing the free passage of persons and vehicles shall be placed or suffered to lie in any of the alleyways, streets, or other routes, of the Town, nor shall any person place on or in any of the streets, sidewalks, or alleyways of the Town, any boxes, crates, casks, or barrels of any description, or any other obstruction of any kind. Provided that any person erecting a building, may with permission place building material for immediate use on the streets in such a way as to not interfere with the usual traffic.

SECTION 12. CONSTRUCTION NEAR SIDEWALK. Before building or remodeling at any place where the same is in close proximity to the sidewalk a passageway shall be constructed so as to leave the sidewalk unobstructed and provide safe and easy passage.

SECTION 13. SHEDS AND AWNINGS. No person shall erect or repair over any sidewalk or street any wooden shed or awning or any wooden shed for the support of an awning or erect upon any street or sidewalk any post for the support of any awning. If any person shall violate this section, then each day that the above forbidden structure shall remain after notice shall constitute a separate violation. Provided that this shall not be construed to prevent the erection over the sidewalk of cloth or metal awnings supported upon metallic frames firmly suspended from the building and at least seven feet above the level of the sidewalk.

SECTION 14. RAILROAD BLOCKAGE. It shall be unlawful for any railroad company or employee or employees of any railroad company to block the street crossings of West Fourth Street, West Salisbury, South Jones Street, and West Peacock Avenue for a longer period than ten minutes at a time under a penalty not to exceed fifty dollars ($50.00) for each offense.

SECTION 15. THROWING OR BURNING TRASH ON STREETS PROHIBITED. No paper, straw, lemon peel, banana peel, watermelon rind, or any trash of any kind shall be thrown or swept upon any sidewalk or street of the Town, nor shall any trash, refuse, or rubbish be burned thereon.

SECTION 16. TREE TRIMMINGS. It shall be unlawful for any person to place or allow to to be placed any tree trimmings or shrubbery on any street or sidewalk.

SECTION 17. SNOW AND ICE REMOVAL. Every occupant of a store building in front of which the sidewalk is paved with stone, brick, asphalt, or cement, shall remove snow, ice or other obstruction from such sidewalk the earliest possible time and as soon as the weather permits.

SECTION 18. BICYCLE ON SIDEWALKS PROHIBITED. It shall be unlawful for any person to ride a bicycle on any sidewalk in Town. Applicable to business district only.

SECTION 19. PLAYING BALL ON SIDEWALKS PROHIBITED. No person shall play ball or bat or catch ball on any of the streets of the Town.

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