Planning Board


Meetings of the Denton Planning Board are generally held the third Monday of the month at 6:00 pm at
Denton Town Hall, 201 W. Salisbury Street, Denton, NC subject to having business to transact.

Call Town Hall at  336-859-4231to confirm a Planning Board meeting date & time.The Denton Planning Board consists of seven appointed members. Six members are residents from Denton, and one who lives outside the town limits, or in the Extraterritorial Zone Jurisdiction. The Planning Board is charged with overseeing land development, and deciding zoning development issues. While the Board has great discretion in what actions to take in response to approval requests, Land Use Ordinances guide the decisions the Board makes.


  • Dick Johnson, Chairman (12/23)
  • Kenny Small, Vice Chairman (12/23)
  • Carter Burns (12/24)
  • Barbara Hogan (12/24)
  • Jones Loflin (12/24)
  • Tom Beanbloosm (12/25)
  • Vacant (12/25)

 Comprehensive Land Development Plan (2017)

Town of Denton Zoning Ordinance


ARTICLE III. ADMINISTRATION, Section 2. Planning Board:

Section 2. Planning Board

The Board of Commissioners hereby establishes the Denton Planning Board. The board shall consist of six (6) members.

(A) Appointment of Members

Six (6) members shall be appointed by the board of commissioners from within the town limits and one (1) member is to be appointed by the Davidson County Commissioners as provided by NCGS 160A-361 and 160A-362, to represent the extraterritorial zoning jurisdiction area outside the town. All members of the planning board shall exercise their jurisdiction and authority concerning all matters presented to the board.

(B) Terms of Office

Initial appointments may be staggered by the mayor to ensure all members' terms do not expire in the same year. Terms for all seats shall expire in December of each respective year. As any staggered terms expire, appointments shall be made for terms of 3 years. Members shall hold office until their successors are appointed and qualified. Appointments to fill vacant seats shall be for the remainder of the terms.

(C) Duties

The duties of the planning board shall include:

- Initiate plans for the orderly development of the town and extraterritorial zoning jurisdiction area for recommendation to the board of commissioners.

- Function as the board of adjustment.

- Initiate studies of the population, economy, land use, traffic and other factors impacting the resources, needs and public welfare of the present and future town.

- Regulation of the subdivision and platting of land within the town and outside as authorized by law.

- Make recommendations to the board of commissioners on zoning regulations and zoning map boundaries which from time to time may need to be amended, supplemented, changed, modified or repealed within the town jurisdiction or outside as authorized by law.

- Advise the board of commissioners on all matters related to the development of the town, particularly with respect to conditions which negatively impact the public welfare and to perform such other duties as may be assigned from time to time by the board of commissioners.

(D) Meetings, records and officers

All regular meetings of the planning board shall be held at Town Hall and shall be open to the public. The board shall keep minutes of its proceedings showing the vote of each member on each question; if absent or failing to vote, an indication of such fact; all of which shall be public record. The board shall elect officers (chair, vice chair and secretary) and adopt its regular meeting schedule for the coming calendar year to be filed with the town clerk.

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